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Posted 02/01/2012

Will post some pictures and a report on our time in Hawaii as soon as I get time to, but wanted to take a second first to announce an exciting new KEY Conference open for enrollment right now, entitled The Law of God.

This conference explores the spiritual principles embedded deep within the ten commandments and how they impact our life. Expect to be challenged as we dig deep into the amazing transcript of God's character. Here's a promo video by one of our members:

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KEY Conferences are like regular classes but they have set start and end points so everyone goes through the training together. These are our most interactive training courses at KEY Institute. If you haven't tried one before, why not sign up today? Enrollment closes February 15...

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Posted by Samireon on 02/02/12
I'm so looking forward to this conference, it will be a first for me. I have posted this promo video on my facebook wall hoping that my brethren will see it.
Posted by Kelly Mccarthy on 02/02/12
Love the video idea on YouTube,thanks... I'm excited about taking part in another wonderful conference!
Posted by Smiletam7 on 02/02/12
Praise God! Looking forward to another wonderful conference as well!
Posted by Dan Vis on 02/03/12
Thanks for doing a great job on the promo video Tammy!
Posted by Francine Todd on 02/03/12
I enjoyed looking at the promo video. Thanks Tammy and God Bless You.
Posted by Christine Jones on 02/03/12
Thanks Dan for an opportunity to dig into this wonderful topic! And thanks Tammy for using your talents for God. Keep up with FAST Hope!!

Posted by Smiletam7 on 02/04/12
Your welcome everyone...but let's remember all the glory goes to God...He's the One who put the video idea in my head and I never thought it would reach so many people! That my friends, is the wisdom of a powerful God!

Thanks Christine, I will definately keep up with FAST Hope :-)

Posted by Eddieg on 02/05/12
Welcome Samantha! You are going to love the conference. You will be able to make new spiritual friends who will encourage you in your walk.

Looking forward to "talking" again with everyone. I've missed it.

Posted by Valerie Smit on 02/23/12
This is my first Conference; I've really battled with Internet Connection, but God is good & I'm on board.
Special thanks to Kathy Kendall & Colwtte Guthrie for their help & encouragement.
Posted by Valerie Smit on 02/29/12
Sorry, mistake - that should read:- Special thanks to Karen DeWind & Colette Guthrie. My apologies, Karen

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