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Disease, Danger & Death
   04/23/14 -- Facu
Blast, Squash, & Dash
   04/22/14 -- Ocenterwall
Blast, Squash, & Dash
   04/17/14 -- Fast4god
Come Rest a While...
   04/17/14 -- Fast4god
Come Rest a While...
   04/17/14 -- Vb1647
Disease, Danger & Death
   04/14/14 -- Facu
Come Rest a While...
   04/14/14 -- Fast4god

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"I have memorized the first five scriptures and have been able to quote them in the right context and even used one in a devotion I did for my choir last night. God Bless you and thank you for your ministry."

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FAST Missions is a faith-based ministry committed to calling God's people everywhere back to the Bible. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge training that will empower you to memorize Scripture effectively, apply it practically to your life, and pass it on consistently to others (MAP).

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