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Currently, our FAST memorization and discipleship training is available in several different ways. Choose the one that's right for you:

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"FAST has been such a blessing to me. What amazes me is that I cannot refrain from sharing it with others. Like Jeremiah, it is 'a fire in my bones' . . . We have forty members attending three Basic Training Classes and another thirty memorize at home. Truly "the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword."

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Our Mission

FAST Missions is a faith-based ministry committed to helping God's people everywhere get back to the Bible. We provide cutting-edge tools to help you memorize Scripture effectively, apply it practically to your life, and pass it on consistently to others (MAP).

FAST Missions is dependent on the support of friends like you to operate on a daily basis. To learn more about how you can become a partner in our efforts to share the life-changing power of God's Word, please click here. Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved.

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