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What People are Saying...


We are meeting tonight as a church to go over the Survival Kit as a group. We are going to show everyone the website and all the tools available. I have been waiting to start with everyone. I am still ALL IN for FAST! I love what you have created with this program. God bless!


Thank you. Because of FAST there are over 60 Bible verses that I'm blessed to go through at least 2-3 times a week. This has been a turning point in my life.

New York:

"I am soooo thankful for FAST Missions. I have memorized scripture faster in 1 week with FAST, than when I have tried (and failed) on my own. The ONLY defense we have against the wiles of the devil is a 'Thus Saith The Lord' and if we don't have the word memorized, how can we stand? Thank you again... I am spreading the word about you guys!!!"


"God has convicted many of us that the power we all lack is found in the Word and all of us have the Word near at hand - how we need to put it in our hearts."


"I am so excited with what I have gleaned from reading the material in packs 1 & 2. In the first day-and-a-half I had a whole new concept of what my Bible was."


"It's been a real inspiration going through the lessons"


"I am excited about memorizing the Word. We have people recite verses they have memorized each Sunday night in our services."


"Wow - what a message. It sure needs to [be] proclaimed with a loud cry."


"Thank you . . . for waking me up. Praise God."


"I started on your memory verse program and I'm pleasantly surprised that it really works. For years I've been trying to memorize different verses without much success. It's simple, but your program works!"

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